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Boil Water Advisory lifted

Shortly after 9:30 a.m., the Borough received the go-ahed from the state Department of Environmental Protection to lift the Boil Water Advisory that had been in effect due to the Chestnut Street water main replacement project.

The Boil Water Advisory was lifted after two consecutive days of post-construction testing at multiple locations in the Borough showed no signs of any contamination.

Due to crews needing to shut off water in part of the system to allow connecting the new main, had been required as a health precaution under DEP guidelines.

The Borough is committed to continuing its efforts to make improvements to its water system. Thank you for your patience during this project.

Update: Nov. 8, 2:55 p.m.

As of 2:55 p.m., the construction crew was backfilling the excavation done to tie the new main in at the standpipe. Water is to be turned back on at any moment now.

When full pressure is returned to the system, you may see sediment in your water. This should clear up if you run your water for a minute or two.

The Boil Water Advisory does remain in effect. We will pull samples for testing after the new main is fully pressurized and will pull a second round of samples tomorrow morning. Since the tests require a 24-hour incubation period, the earliest we will have results will be Friday afternoon. We are hopeful the test results will show no contamination, clearing the way for the state Department of Environmental Protection to give is to go-ahead to lift the BWA.

We will issue a Code Red notice, and update the Borough's web page, and on Facebook, as soon as DEP gives us the OK.

Update: Nov. 8, 2:55 p.m.

The Boil Water Advisory remains in effect for impacted by the Chestnut Street Water Main Project. If you received a Boil Water Notice, please continue to boil your water before consuming it.

At this point, the contractor is awaiting the results of testing done on the new section of pipe. Once those test results are received (assuming they are clean), that section can then be connected to the standpipe and the Borough’s water system as a whole. Additional tests then must be completed on the water system in the areas that were impacted by the shut down during the project before the Boil Water Advisory can be lifted.

In all likelihood, this means the Boil Water Advisory will remain in effect until at least Friday.

While those in the impacted areas will need to continue boiling water prior to consuming it, we are cautiously optimistic that no additional widespread shutoffs will be needed to complete the project. It is anticipated the last tie-ins should be able to be completed by just isolating a very small section of the system.

Some customers, especially on Carvers Hill or the north end of Lincoln Street, may see reduced pressure during that final tie in work, which is expected to take place during the day Wednesday. Our system’s operators have also made adjustments to the booster pump in hopes of mitigating any problems.

We are aware that a number of customers have been seeing high amounts of sedimentation in their water. This is due to fluctuations in the flow/pressure stirring up sediment in the standpipe and in water lines. If you have sedimentation in your water, it should clear up if you let the water run a few minutes.

Once the project is complete, the Borough will schedule flushing operations to remove sediment from the system.

We know this has not been easy for the residents impacted by the project and we appreciate the patience people have shown. The Borough is committed to providing clean, quality, drinking water to its residents. Doing that is going to take this, and other, major projects to overcome many years of neglecting our infrastructure. We apologize for the temporary inconveniences that are necessary in order to make permanent improvements.

Update: Nov. 3, 1:15 p.m. After consulting with our engineer and our water system operator, the decision has been made to keep the Boil Water Advisory in effect through the weekend.

It had been hoped that the advisory could be lifted late in the day on Sunday, however one final part of the project must be completed on Monday. Original plans called for that to be isolated from the system, so it would not cause any loss of pressure.

However, given the problems experienced all week in trying to isolate areas for shutdowns and the unpredictable condition of many of the valves in our system, the professionals advise we cannot count on that approach working.

Water will be turned on throughout the weekend and it is hoped any outage on Monday will be brief, and isolated. However, if you are in an area under the Boil Water Advisory, please continue to boil water before consuming it.

We will issue another Code Red alert when the Boil Water Advisory is lifted. We will also post updates on the Borough’s web site and Facebook page.

Previous update: Nov. 2

Crews made good progress on connecting the new Chestnut Street water main to the Borough’s system. After Monday’s difficulties in shutting down water in the area enough to make much progress, Tuesday was spent primarily on working to find solutions to that problem. That allowed crews to get much better control over the water flow in the project area, enabling them to complete three tie-ins, the Borough’s engineers report.

As of this morning, the hope is that Wednesday’s pace can be maintained, allowing work to be completed on the tie-ins early enough Friday for the Borough to be able to pull water samples for testing that day.

In order to lift the Boil Water Advisory, samples on two consecutive days must pass testing for possible contaminants which could enter the system when the is a loss of positive pressure due to water being shut off. The Borough has made special arrangements to have a second sample taken, and picked up by the lab’s courier, on Saturday morning.

If all goes well, that could lead to the Boil Water Advisory being lifted late in the day on Sunday, or Monday morning.

As we have cautioned from the start, any construction project is weather dependent and timelines can change, as this project’s timeline already has, due to unforeseen circumstances.

As soon as we get word the Boil Water Advisory can be lifted, we will send a notice using the Code Red system. We will also post updates on the Borough’s web and Facebook pages. Until then, if you live in an area which received a Boil Water Advisory notice, please continue to boil your water prior to consumption. If you did not receive a notice, but were without water during any of the shutdown periods thus far, you should also boil your water before consuming it. Please also contact us immediately at 717-834-4311 so we can identify any additional areas impacted by the shutoffs.